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Lung nodules

What does having a lung nodule mean?

So, you’ve been told that you have a shadow on your lung or a lung nodule.


Are you worried about what this might mean?

Have you been told that there’s possibility that you might have lung cancer?

Maybe you’re concerned something isn’t showing on your x-ray and that you might need a further test?

Or perhaps you’re not feeling reassured by what other doctors have told you?


I understand what it’s like when things seem uncertain and it can be a worrying time.

Having a lung nodule is a bit like having a mole or freckle. If you’re somebody who is a smoker or if you have ever smoked in the past, you have a 25% chance of having a lung nodule, even if you have no symptoms at all.


Early lung cancer detection

If you’ve been told you have a nodule, evidence from big studies tells us that one in ten nodules will grow. Nodules that are growing have a high probability of being lung cancer. This is why spotting growing or suspicious nodules early, and then treating them, is so important.


The good news is, there is a way to take you through a process so that you can understand exactly what is happening with your lungs, and then take prompt action if needed.


In my role in the NHS as lung MDT lead I look after hundreds of people a year who have lung nodules. I am passionate about the early diagnosis of lung cancer and improving the outcome from what can be a devastating disease if not caught early.

If you’ve been told that you have a shadow on the lung or a lung nodule I am here to help.

To book an appointment or to get in touch please email or telephone 0208 004 6662.

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