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Privacy Policy for the private practice of Dr Susannah Bloch – Respiratory physician

We provide this information about our privacy policy in plain English so that it is clear how Dr Susannah Bloch uses and protects any information that you give us.

Dr Susannah Bloch is strongly committed to making sure your privacy is protected. If we ask for information from you by which you can be identified, we will only use this information in accordance with this privacy policy.

Dr Susannah Bloch retains the right to make changes to this privacy policy from time to time, and without giving prior notice. Information about this can be found from Dr Susannah Bloch’s office this document is up to date as of January 2020.

What information do we collect about you?

Dr Susannah Bloch will collect and store the following types of information that identify you about her patients.

Name, date of birth, address, GP details, NHS number and contact details.

We will also collect and store information about your medical history and other information that may be clinically relevant – eg smoking history.

This information may be in the form of consultation notes, clinic letters, clinical results and records of email conversations.

Why do we collect this information?

In Line with GDPR legislation we collect this information to enable us to contact you directly and to provide medical care. By sharing this information with us you also accept that we may need to send it, electronically or in other formats, to consultants and other medical providers who need to assess your condition and to give their professional opinion. This will include other healthcare organisations for the purposes of arranging tests, consultations and medical care.

My third-party data processors include the OneWelbeck Group (OWG) and HCA healthcare with whom I may share your data with for the purpose of coordination of remote consultations, billing and managing your care.

We will always ensure that personal information if shared via email is sent encrypted using Egress software. We will never share your information with other organisations for commercial purposes, marketing or market research. We will also use this information to review and check the quality of care that we provide.

How will we store your data?


We store our medical data using the practice management system DGL. This has its own privacy policy, but is a recognised and recommended medical practice management system. We will store your data for as long as you remain a patient of Dr Bloch’s and a further 8 years beyond that. This is in line with national NHS policy and it is a legal requirement for us to do so.  More information can be found here


You have the right to

The right to be informed, which basically means to understand how we as clinicians use and collect data. This information is included in this privacy policy

The right of access. This means the patient has the right to ask us for the data that we keep on them and this is known as subject to an access request.

The right to rectification. This is where patients can ask to have their data altered. This right isn’t absolute, and you need to explain this. If you believe that any information we are holding on you is incorrect or incomplete, please write to or email us as soon as possible. We will promptly correct any information found to be inaccurate.

The right to erasure. You do not have the absolute right to request erasure of your medical history, because we are bound by legal obligation to keep your medical data. However in some circumstances we can remove details, please contact us if you are concerned.

The right to restrict processing. You may request us to stop processing your data, that is to stop using it however if we are unable to use and add to your data we will not be able to continue to offer you medical care.

The right to object. If you feel that your data is being used under illegitimate interests or being used for direct marketing you have the right to object.

The right to lodge a complaint with the Information commissioner’s office (ICO)

Dr Bloch is registered with the ICO Organisation name: Dr Susannah Bloch

Reference: ZA220252


Controlling your personal information

The Data Protection Act 1998 gives you the right to access the information that we hold about you. If you would like a copy of the information held on you please write to:
Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Cheshire SK9 5AF
Telephone 01625 545745

Please note that any demand for access may be subject a fee which covers our costs in providing you with the information requested.

You can contact us directly at 020 8004 6662


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